Jake Tapper Had A Gaffe For The Ages, Accidentally Saying Trump ‘Engaged In An Erection’ (He Meant ‘Insurrection’!)

“Erection” is a tricky word. There’s a lot of other words — words that have very different meanings — that sound almost like it. Back in 2022, footballer-turned-laughable failed MAGA candidate Herschel Walker found that out the hard way (so to speak), when he went on Fox News and declared, “This erection is for the people.” Now a similar embarrassment has befallen Jake Tapper.

Per Mediaite, the CNN host was interviewing Nikki Haley about the Supreme Court deciding Donald Trump can’t be stricken from Colorado ballots. Haley, the last GOP Trump rival standing, said she was “happy” with the ruling, saying, “Look, I’m trying to defeat Donald Trump fair and square. I don’t need them taking him off the ballot to do it.”

Tapper replied by pointing out that “their official explanation was not they didn’t like Donald Trump. They said he participated in an erection…”

Unlike Walker, Tapper caught himself, saying the word he meant to say: “insurrection.” He then tried to explain his gaffe, saying, “I got up at five this morning to do Kasie Hunt’s show and I’m exhausted.”

Throughout the incident Haley’s generic smile never changed, though she did chuckle when Tapper tried to explain his slip-up.

As it happens, Trump himself has been making all manner of gaffes. On the campaign trail, he’s done things like say Barack Obama’s still president, forget that World War II already happened, and confuse Haley with Nancy Pelosi, another woman he hates whose first name begins with “N.” But it’s Joe Biden’s brain we should be worried about.

(Via Mediaite)