Adam Sandler Admits That He Gets ‘A Little Jumpy’ Around Taylor Swift

At this point, Adam Sandler has likely met just about every major celebrity you could imagine. But there is one A-lister that makes the perpetually casual comedic A-lister a bit anxious. “Taylor Swift, because what she means to my kids, I get it a little jumpy,” Sandler told pal Conan O’Brien on this week’s episode of Conan’s SirisXM podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend. “Just cause I don’t wanna blow it for my kids. So I’m a little like, ‘Taylor Taylor,’ like I talk a little too loud or something. I don’t say as cool as I can.”


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Swift is such a major presence, Sandler said he gets why some people compare the singular singer to one of pop music’s most iconic foursomes. “People talk about The Beatles of it all and her,” he said. “I mean, man, so many smash hits. There’s not a word my kids don’t know.”

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To be fair, the Sandman said he’s not immune to the charms of Tay’s songs, either, copping to also memorizing all the lyrics to many of the singer’s tunes. “I know them too, by the way. But they know them inside and out,” he said of his kids, daughters actresses Sunny and Sadie. “But it’s just, remember The Beatles, every song on the record, you know? That’s Taylor Swift too. You just… there’s not a song you skip. You go, ‘that one’s pretty damn cool.’”

Sandler got to flex his Swift muscles in August when he checked out one of the singer’s Eras Tour shows in Los Angeles, as well as attending the premier of the Eras Tour movie in October.

Listen to the full podcast here.