Trump Exploded On Kim Kardashian — ‘The World’s Most Overrated Celebrity’ — In A Furious Rant

Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian used to at least pretend to like to each other. That’s no longer the case.

In his book, Tired of Winning, author Jonathan Karl reports that Trump was irritable with Kardashian when she asked for his help in a clemency case. “Hell no, the former president told her. He wouldn’t do it. ‘You voted for Biden and now you come asking me for a favor?’ Trump told her. Kardashian has never publicly said who she voted for in 2020, but after [Joe] Biden was projected the winner, she posted a tweet of Biden and Vice President–elect Kamala Harris along with three blue hearts,” he wrote. Trump hung up on her.

Trump responded to the claims in Karl’s book on (where else?) Truth Social. “Failed ABC Fake News reporter Jonathan Karl just wrote another bad book. He works sooo hard, but has sooo little talent – Some people have it, and some people don’t,” he wrote with typical, orange-faced bluster.

Trump was particularly steamed by the Kardashian anecdote.

In the “book” he has the World’s most overrated celebrity, Kim Kardashian, supposedly telling me that she “would leverage her celebrity to get football stars to come to the White House,” if I would commute the sentences of various prisoners. This story is Fake News in that she would be the last person I asked to get football players. I’ve had many teams, from all sports and leagues, in the White House. If there was even a slight reluctance, I would immediately withdraw the invitation, there would be NO Negotiation – But this did not happen often. I did help with prisoner commutation, but only if deserving, and much more so for Kanye West than for Kim, who probably voted for Crooked Joe Biden, and look at the mess our Country is in now. Many other false stories in Karl’s very boring book, but nothing worth mentioning!

Say what you will about the guy (nothing good!), but Trump putting “book” in quotes is extremely funny.

(Via Truth Social)