Rick Ross Celebrates ‘Too Good To Be True’ Album at LIV Miami

On Sunday, Nov. 12th, rapper Rick Ross graced the scene at LIV Miami to promote his latest collaborative album, Too Good To Be True, with Meek Mill. The artist sported a stylish LV Comics Owl Patch Crewneck, priced at $1,500.00, while reveling in the festivities alongside friends like Breyon Prescott, Lex Pierre-Louis, DJ Sam Sneak, and Mike Gardner, complete with Belaire bottle parades.

The album, a joint venture between Ross and Meek Mill, immerses listeners in a lyrical journey of their hard-earned successes and opulent lifestyles. Meanwhile, Meek Mill showcased a different kind of thrill, hitting the slopes for snowboarding at the Big SNOW American Dream park in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Breyon Prescott Lex Pierre Louis Rick Ross DJ Sam Sneak Mike Gardner
Rick Ross performing20
Rick Ross performing