[WATCH] Terrence Howard Reveals He Only Made $12K For Role In ‘Hustle & Flow’

Famed actor and star of the award winning movie Hustle & Flow recently revealed in a recent interview that he only made $12,000 for his starring role in the pimp-centered flick and the financial struggles faced during the making and promotion of one of the biggest films in his career.

The 2005 movie in which Howard played “DJay”, a hard nosed, dirty south pimp with a penchant for rapping, didn’t yield the success for Howard that was received by the film itself, with his low salary coupled by the fact that Paramount Pictures took the award winning actor’s performance loyalties.

Howard also spoke of his desire to remove the middlemen, such as agents, managers, and unions, who he believes have not adequately supported actors. According to Howard, the unions, particularly the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), have done very little to help actors, despite claiming to be advocates for their rights.