Trump Viciously (And Hilariously) Roasted His GOP Primary Opponents In This Week’s ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Somehow, James Austin Johnson‘s freakishly accurate Trump impression seems to get better with each ‘SNL’ performance. This week saw Johnson’s Trump walking on stage at this past week’s latest sh**show of a GOP debate — the one in which Nikki Haley called swarmy pharma bro Vivek Ramaswamy “scum” live to his face (the shoe definitely seems to fit) — and mocking his remaining opponents mercilessly while they stood frozen behind him.

Some of the notable cracks include:

“Can you believe it, folks? Ninety-one indictments, four trials and I am still the best choice.”

“I’m very, very busy. I’m going from trial to trial. I’m basically doing House Hunters but with courtrooms.”

“How adorable. They actually think they’ve got a chance. Sad in some ways, but in other ways, funny.”

“They are all stuck behind me and there is nothing they can do about it, just like in real life.”

“I call (Nikki Haley) ‘bird brain,’ but only in public. She made some terrible points in that debate — I think. I don’t know, I have trouble hearing women over 25.”

And perhaps the best crack was about Ron DeSantis, who was played by John Higgins.

“Poor Ron DeSantis. Even SNL doesn’t think he has a chance. If they did it’d be like Paul Rudd or something in there.”

You can watch the full skit above.