Jimmy Kimmel Laughed At ‘Tweedle-Even-Dumber’ Eric Trump For Claiming He’s Just A ‘Construction Guy’ Who Pours Concrete

Jimmy Kimmel had a feast laid before thanks to Donald Trump‘s eldest and least brightest sons took the stand in the former president’s fraud trial that’s unfolding in New York. The late night host was particularly focused on Eric Trump, who tried to distance himself from the Trump Organization’s shady finances by basically claiming he’s just a construction guy.

But, first, Eric stumbled out of the gate by struggling to figure out which hand is his right, prompting Kimmel to dub him “Tweedle-Even-Dumber.” From there, Eric launched into his construction guy schtick when pressed about the finances for the family business.

“Eric repeatedly said: ‘I don’t focus on the financial side of things… I pour concrete.’ He said that several times,” Kimmel quipped via The Daily Beast. “He said, ‘I’m not a money guy, I’m a construction guy.’ He’s a construction guy like the guy in the Village People’s a construction guy. He owns a yellow hat.”

The late night host also noted that Trump Sr. was nowhere to be seen as his own sons tried to save his bacon by testifying under oath that they have no idea how their own business works.

“Donald Trump not showing up to watch his kids testify in a fraud trial is the Trump family version of not showing up for their school play,” Kimmel joked after giving his assessment of Eric and Don Jr. or “The Stinklevoss Twins” as he called them.

“I haven’t seen a more likable set of brothers on trial since the Menendez boys,” Kimmel said.

(Via The Daily Beast)