Did SZA Say She’s Had Face Surgery In Her Career?

The SOS Tour has Grammy Award-winning musician SZA outside more often than usual, and for her, clothing is optional. From her SKIMS campaign, twerk clips shared on social media, and cinematic music videos, SZA proudly embraces her curves in every way. The songwriter’s self-confidence has come a long way since her bouts of bullying in her teen years.

On her chart-topping sophomore album SOS, SZA opened up about falling in love with her body and undergoing a cosmetic procedure (Brazilian butt lift, or “BBL”) to enhance her frame. But did SZA say she’s had face surgery in her career? Yesterday (October 30), during an interview with Hunter Harris for Wall Street Journal, the “Snooze” singer denied the growing online rumor.

“That sh*t is low-key offensive,” she said. “Not low-key, it’s high-key offensive. But what am I supposed to do? Post a debunking thread? That’s crazy. You would rather believe the TikTok thread. You would rather believe any Twitter thread; you could just Google yourself and figure it out. There were clear instances when I talked about my freckles.”

She continued, “I hear crazy sh*t about myself. I heard I had a facelift, I heard I had a nose job, I heard my teeth were fake. Now, do I need to go out and get a nose job because you all made me feel like I need one?”

Based on her response, it seems SZA wants to put the claims to bed for good.