Steph Curry Clowned Dillon Brooks After Shaking Him Twice For A Dagger Three In Houston

After trailing by 10 at the half, the Rockets battled back to take a fourth quarter lead over the Warriors on Sunday night and it seemed like we might be headed for an exciting finish in Houston.

In a way we were, but not in the manner the home team was hoping for. Shortly after Houston took their first lead of the second half, the Warriors rattled off a 15-2 run that included four straight threes for Steph Curry, who had just 10 points in the game prior to his fourth quarter explosion.

The last of those threes was Steph at his absolute most diabolical, as he put poor Dillon Brooks in the blender multiple times, as Curry had the Rockets lead perimeter defender jumping all over the place trying to stay in front of him, as he twice tried to jump a screen Steph rejected and then flailed wildly on a Curry pump fake.

The reaction from Steph was priceless, as he ran down the court doing his best Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone — and held it well into the start of the next defensive possession. Just generally, there are few players opponents enjoy getting the best of more than Brooks, and he found himself trying to deal with Steph at the worst possible time — when he’s in the midst of an absolute heater. It was quite the show for the Houston crowd, and while it wasn’t what all of the Rockets fans in the building were hoping for when Houston took a fourth quarter lead, it was highly entertaining.