SOURCE SPORTS: James Harden Returns to Sixers After 10-Day Hiatus

In a breaking development, James Harden has officially returned to the Philadelphia 76ers’ practice facility following a 10-day absence from all team activities, according to Run It Back‘s Shams Charania. This significant return is a promising sign for the team preparing for the season opener.

Harden’s brief hiatus from the 76ers had sparked discussions among fans and analysts alike, leaving many speculating about his future with the team. However, his return to the practice facility suggests that he is committed to the franchise as they gear up for the new season.

The presence of James Harden, a former league MVP and one of the most potent offensive players in the NBA, adds considerable firepower to the 76ers’ roster. However, it is still expected he wants to be traded this season. You can hear more from Charania below.