Fred Warner Smothered A Kirk Cousins QB Sneak By Jumping Over The Line Of Scrimmage

One of the biggest topics of discussion among football fans in 2023 revolves around the QB sneak that has been perfected by the Philadelphia Eagles, which sees Jalen Hurts get under center and almost automatically pick up at least one yard. While this is a bit of an oversimplification, critics say that it’s a dangerous play that is remarkably difficult to stop as a result, while those in favor of the play say that if everyone could run it and succeed, they would.

The Minnesota Vikings attempted to run this very play with Kirk Cousins on Monday night while down on the doorstep against the San Francisco 49ers. As it turns out, San Francisco has a pretty good plan for stopping the play: Just have Fred Warner jump over everyone after he perfectly times the snap and smother Cousins altogether.

Now, obviously, this is extremely difficult, and if every team could have Warner at linebacker to stop this very play from working, we’re sure that they would love to do that. We’ll have to see if Warner gets a few more reps to do this over the coming weeks ahead of Dec. 3, when the Niners travel to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles and will almost certainly have to stop their QB sneak from working at least once.