‘The Daily Show’ Dunked On Jim Jordan’s Humiliating House Speaker Vote With A Brutal Mitch McConnell Comparison

The Daily Show wasted no time tearing into Jim Jordan‘s humiliating Speaker of the House vote, which saw 20 members of his own party voting against him after he confidently told reporters that he had the necessary votes.

Comedian Michael Kosta is filling in this week as guest host, and he had the honor of lambasting not just Jordan, but the Republican dysfunction in Congress. He also worked in a clever dig at a GOP Senator Mitch McConnell for good measure.

“A big loss for Jim Jordan today, Ohio representative and what you get when you photocopy your grandfather’s toe too many times,” Kosta quipped after playing clips of news anchors highlighting the embarrassing defeat. “As of now, it’s been two weeks of Republicans arguing with each other and they still haven’t been able to agree on a new Speaker. Which is a big deal. The Speaker of the House is the person responsible for… speaking in the House. So if they don’t have one, then nobody is speaking, and it’s just so quiet in there.”

“Congress can’t do anything until they figure this out,” Kosta continued before teeing up a brutal burn on Mitch and House GOP members. “They can’t pass laws, they can’t send foreign aid to Ukraine, they can’t impeach Hunter Biden’s penis. Right now, Congress is basically Mitch McConnell, totally frozen and no one knows how to fix it.”

(Via The Daily Show)