Manuel Turizo Shares the Stories Behind His Biggest Hits & More | Billboard Cover

Billboard cover star Manuel Turizo shares his greatest influences across several different Latin genres: pop, reggaeton, regional Mexican, bachata and merengue; the stories behind his biggest hits and collaborations, and more!

Manuel Turizo:
Hey there, this is Manuel Turizo …

… and this is the Different Tones of of Manuel Turizo.

I wasn’t a good sportsman or a smart kid or a good student in my classes at school, but I was good at music, so I gave it a try.

My goal, when creating music, is mainly to enjoy it, to challenge myself all the time. I’d say I feel
comfortable making music of any genre, and that’s something that also depends on the song.

You could make a reggaeton and say, “Hey, I love this,” or the next day you could make, I don’t know, a disco beat song, and say, “Wow, I’m loving this,” or other I don’t know … maybe just with a piano, and you like that as well.

I think that people are understanding a bit more the identity of Manuel Turizo. The fact that many years have passed already, I had the opportunity to show them that I made urban music, I made reggae, ballads, I made bachata, merengue, northern cumbia, I made reggaeton … so, OK, “This is what Manuel likes, and that’s Manuel’s identity.” Manuel’s identity isn’t just a genre.

My first approach to pop music, I’d say it was with Sin Banderas with Fonsi, with Alex Ubago. I remember that by the time we released “Una Lady Como Tú,” there was controversy, an argument over what sound it was, like, if that was pop, but it had a dembow, so, what was it?

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