The Jets Stunned The Eagles After A Horrific Late Jalen Hurts Interception Set Up The Game-Winning Score

The Philadelphia Eagles came into Sunday as the last remaining unbeaten in the NFL at 5-0, but while their record was unblemished, they have not looked quite as dominant as many expected coming off of a trip to the Super Bowl last year.

Even so, they were healthy favorites on the road against the New York Jets, but Jalen Hurts had some real struggles with a very good Jets defense and in the fourth quarter things were tense with a 14-12 Philly lead. After moving the ball out near midfield, the Eagles came out of the two-minute warning facing a 3rd-and-9 with the Jets out of timeouts. A first down would end the game, but even if forced to punt, they would’ve forced Zach Wilson to lead a likely long field goal drive with inside two minutes to go.

Instead, Jalen Hurts fired his third interception of the game and one of the worst of his career when he drifted back and tossed one right to Tony Adams, who broke on the ball and returned it deep into Eagles territory.

It was a truly awful decision by Hurts, who must have not seen Adams lurking to the inside of his intended target, and it set up the go-ahead touchdown from Breece Hall — with Philly wisely just letting him score to preserve their two timeouts and over 1:45 on the clock.

A two-point conversion made it 20-14 Jets, but they would need another stop against Hurts and the Philly offense. After flying to the football for a few excellent open field tackles and pass breakups, they forced a 4th and 9 with Hurts chucking one up into double coverage, likely hoping for a flag as much as anything, but the ball got nearly picked before falling to the turf with no laundry on the field.

With the win, the Jets got back to a .500 record and their defense looks every bit of being the real deal. Wilson and the offense are moving the ball a bit better, but continued their red zone struggles until the very end when Philly was happy to escort Hall into the end zone. It’s the second contender taken down by the Jets this season, as they also beat the Bills to open the year, and if they can get anything positive offensively, they’ll have a chance in most games.

For the Eagles it was not their first sloppy performance of the year, but the first one that caught up to them in the form of a loss and now they’ll be back to the drawing board trying to clean things up going forward. Down in Miami, that sound you hear is Mercury Morris and the 1972 Dolphins popping champagne as their record as the NFL’s lone perfect season is safe for one more year.