Justin Bieber & His Friends Are Having a Big Short Off

“Hey, wear big shorts with me.” The days of matching pieces with friends aren’t dead after all. Actually, Justin Bieber and his friends are reminding us of those moments, whether their latest outfit coordination was a random coincidence or not.

During a sunny day in LA, Bieber and his friends bonded over sips of coffee — and big shorts. Literally. Almost everyone rolling with the musician pulled out their baggiest shorts during the café run, including Mr. Bieber himself.

Hey, they don’t call him Baggy Bieber for nothing. Advancing his fashion status for wearing trousers of epic proportions, the Journals artist opted for some extra roomy black shorts marked with Balenciaga’s logo in a bold white.

Along with his spacious bottoms, Bieber wore a washed black pocket tee and Bottega Veneta’s Plat intrecciato sneakers on foot. And upon his head, Bieber wore his now go-to hat, a polka-dotted baseball cap from the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collection.

Again, planned or not, Bieber’s crew matched the vibes (real friends still exist). As they enjoyed their grande-sized beverages, the rest of the Bieber squad sported equally oversized shorts — damn near gracing their ankles — styled with trendy pieces like Nike’s Air Force 1s, adidas’ Sambas, and HOKA’s thick steppers.

They say couples that slay together stay together, even when the ones that dress like complete opposites sometimes. What’s to say about friends who flex billowing pieces simultaneously?

Maybe the bigger the short, the bigger the love for your squad? I don’t know. Regardless, there’s nothing like a day out with your friends, just vibing and beliebing in big shorts.

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