Is Lil Yachty x Nike In the Works?

Lil Yachty may have accidentally spilled the beans regarding his first shoe collaboration. About nine minutes into an interview with CoolKicks, the rapper picked up a fresh white pair of Nike Air Force 1 Lows and said, “I just did a Force.” As in, there’s a Yachty Air Force 1 shoe somewhere out there?!

When asked if he had a deal with the Swoosh, Yachty laughed, “I didn’t say that, I didn’t say that!”

While our cover star didn’t mention the sportswear giant’s name, Yachty confirmed that whatever he created would be his first shoe collaboration. “I’ve been trying to get a shoe for seven years now,” the musician said during the visit the LA sneaker store.

Like his music, Yachty’s style is also quite influential, an immaculate hat game included. Over the years, the musician’s style has evolved to include impressive vintage gems and unique pairings that only he could pull off. Plus, he’s got a pretty solid sneaker collection.

It certainly makes you wonder how a shoe by him would turn out.

Again, it’s not confirmed that Lil Yachty x Nike is a thing (yet). But it’s worth pointing out that the two have (sort of) been linked to each other quite a lot lately.

While Yachty munched on Fruity Pebbles (without milk) courtside at Nike’s Worlld Basketball Fest, the musician also flexed a couple of noteworthy Nike pick-ups this year, including archival Nike ACG Air Pumori Snowboard Boots, Supreme’s unreleased Zoom Courtposite collab, and Cactus Plant Flea Market’s soon-come Air Flea 2 shoes. Yachty basically debuted CPFM’s second colorway.

Yachty has also enjoyed plenty of NOCTA Nike gear (he even starred in the Hot Step Air Terra campaign). After all, he and Drake are BFFs. Perhaps The Boy made a call to headquarters.

Whether Yachty’s linking with Nike or another shoe brand, I agree with CoolKicks: it is about time Yachty got his own shoe.

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