Inside CLOT’s Anniversary Show, an adidas Feast Awaited

On October’s Friday the 13th, CLOT staged its Spring/Summer 2024 runway presentation (also its 20th-anniversary show), which was far from unlucky or oozing the spooky vibes of the superstitious day.

Actually, one might say it was the brand’s lucky day, as CLOT debuted a slew of solid collaborations with names like sacai, 1017 ALYX 9SM, and — wait for it — adidas.

Indeed, CLOT x adidas are back, baby. Following the show, CLOT co-founder Edison Chen and adidas confirmed their partnership’s revival after previously working together more than a decade ago.

The new CLOT x adidas feels elevated, sporty, and even a little preppy with a touch of that CLOT element of surprise. In between CLOT’s other team-ups, collaborative pieces sashayed past comfy-looking track pants, crochet Three-Stripe sets, and woven Trefoil bags with dangly details.

CLOT x adidas’ footwear was particularly eye-catching. CLOT’s Superstars boasted shark teeth soles, while other spins saw the adidas classic reimagined as a leather-constructed dress shoe topped with kilties. Classy and fitting for when you have a meeting at 4 but a Run DMC concert at 5.

It’s not surprising to see that CLOT took the buzzy Samba for a spin. Must we forget the brand also had its way with the popular Nike Dunk?

Anywho, CLOT’s Sambas arrive with entirely beaded and woven builds — almost like baskets that turned into adidas football shoes.

CLOT is no stranger to unique takes, evident with its tearaway Nikes and transparent paneled Air Maxes. Even the brand’s 2012 Superstars arrived with mesh uppers.

Honestly, CLOT’s unexpected design approaches make the brand’s collabs worthy of attention and valued high in sneakerheads’ collections. In its new era with adidas, it appears CLOT will continue to what it does best (if not better).

It’s safe to assume CLOT x adidas will arrive during Spring 2024, given the pieces debuted during the SS24 show. It’s not that long of a wait when you think about it (the year is almost over).

But if you’re looking for something to hold you off, NEIGHBORHOOD, CLOT, and adidas cooked up a Superstar collab, due to launch on October 14 on JUICE’s website and select retail locations. Just a little appetizer before the main course in the Spring (or hopefully earlier).

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