Another Day, Another Miserable One For Ben Affleck

Welcome back, Ben Affleck’s inimitable grimace. It’s been a while. We hope you’re well.

In fact, it’s been almost six months since we last witnessed Affleck’s teeth-grinding glare in all its glory when the actor almost comically slammed the door of Jennifer Lopez’s Mercedes EQS with an extra-weighty amount of force.

Well, fear not because the industry’s most infamous scowl is back and it comes equipped with Affleck’s signature Dunkin’ Donut order: iced coffee, milk, two sugars, and “sometimes Splenda.”

Spotted in Los Angeles on October 12, Affleck, who was wearing Travis Scott x Fragment Design x Air Jordan 1 Lows (of course), evoked memories of the now-iconic “Sad Affleck” memes that took over the internet in early 2022 as he gazed longingly into the Californian sidewalk while holding his iced coffee concoction.

Look at it. Take it in. Break it down. The inverted eyebrows. The puppy dog eyes. You can almost hear him sighing. A big sigh that stinks of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee with the faint whispherings of Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence. Do you hear it too?

Long-time followers of Affleck’s seemingly misery-plagued existence will be well aware that it’s been making the headlines for some time now.

Last year, following the rise of the aforementioned “Sad Affleck” memes, Affleck delivered one of his most stellar performances as he portrayed a man who didn’t want to be at the Grammys. That soon after images of the AIR star was spotted catching shut eye on the top deck of a romantic Parisian cruise during his honeymoon with JLo.

The list is endless and, despite a brief six-month hiatus (one that, admittedly, had us all a little worried at Highsnobiety HQ), Affleck’s perpetual frown is back and really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Truth is, Affleck is fine. He’s said as much. We’ve just never seen someone look so displeased following a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts, is all.