LeBron Still Hasn’t Figured Out What The Buffalo Bills’ ‘LeBron James’ Audible Is

Between some serious injuries and the fact that they suffered their second defeat of the year, not much went right for the Buffalo Bills in their 25-20 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London this past week. There was, however, one bright spot: the team has captured the attention of LeBron James.

During the second quarter, Josh Allen went up to the line of scrimmage and audibled by screaming “LEBRON JAMES” twice. The play didn’t work out — Allen was pressured and had to throw it away — but James nevertheless tweeted that the play call has him interested. And on Thursday, James had a cameo on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football pregame show and was asked about the audible.

“Alright, so here it is, LeBron, have you figured out what the play call might be?” Andrew Whitworth asked.

“Listen, I still haven’t figured out what the play call may be,” James said. “The only thing that I know what happened is that Josh Allen threw the ball out of bounds after doing an audible of LeBron James. I hope that’s not the play call right there, to throw the ball out of bounds.”

Perhaps one day someone with the Bills will tell LeBron what the play is. Until then, it seems a safe bet to assume that he will spend a lot of time wondering what they did.