Step Aside A$AP Rocky, Rihanna’s Having Her Own Bottega Moment

If A$AP Rocky is making fatherly dressing look easy, Rihanna is perfecting motherly dressing.

The singer, who also completed the beautiful art of bare-bump energy while cooking Baby Fenty No. 1, has seen her style go a little under the radar of late thanks, mostly, to A$AP Rocky’s recent barrage of impressive Bottega moments.

Of course, such looks deserve all the plaudits they get but it shouldn’t mean Rihanna’s equally-as-impressive looks should go unapplauded. She is — and we don’t say this lightly — flexing like we’ve never seen a mom flex.

Whether she’s sporting Miu Miu denim, Balenciaga pumps, and Gucci shades or an effortlessly glam cropped jacket over some pantashoes, Rihanna’s slaying so hard. And reminder: she’s only three months postpartum.

The mom of two’s latest look, which surprisingly didn’t feature her baby daddy besides her, was even more effortless than usual, although equally as majestic.

The 35-year-old, who was spotted in New York on October 9, was wearing a chic gray woolen coat down to the ankles and thigh-high Balenciaga leggings while clutching Bottega Veneta’s Lauren Bag poached straight from the house’s SS24 runway.

The difference between Rocky and Rihanna’s flexing, though, is that while the former’s is all very impressive and, presumably, coated in a big Bottega handshake, Rihanna’s flex comes from a much more subtle place. An effortless one.

There’s no doubt Rihanna is reinventing the wheel when it comes to effortless mom flexing. But what’s even more impressive, from our perspective at least, is her ability to do it with seemingly minimal effort.

Sure, an unreleased Bottega bag helps things no end, but sometimes when you’re cool, you’re just cool. And Rihanna is, without a doubt, very very cool.