Julia Fox’s Book Promo Outfit is Swole and Sexy

Julia Fox is a fashion enigma. Her twisted (and often kinky) touch leaves no trend unturned.

On the streets of New York, her runway of choice, the Uncut Gems actress was snapped making her way into the city’s iconic Strand Book Store to promote her new memoir, Down The Drain. I’ll let you take your guesses now for what she wore.

A classic button-up and slacks? A graphic tee and blazer? A simple dress? No, no, and definitely no.

Fox’s all-leather book promo ensemble consisted of a leather jacket with fake abs, matching micro shorts, knee-high boots, and a bag shaped like a high heel (courtesy of accessories brand Syro). This is Julia Fox we’re talking about, after all.

If there was a good starting point to create the ultimate Julia Fox outfit, it’s bondage gear. The actress frequently calls back to her short stint as a dominatrix with her affinity for leather, chains, and sometimes nothing more, à la her controversial New York Fashion Week 2023 outfit.

And when she opts to show less skin, Fox is a sucker for exaggerated silhouettes. It was only right that baggy clothing maestro Willy Chavarria dressed her up earlier this year for one of my favorite street-style moments of 2023.

Fox is currently promoting her memoir, Down The Drain. She clued Highsnobiety into the process in her cover interview last year, explaining that some people wanted her to to use a ghostwriter. “I’m like, ‘I really don’t need one. I’m good,” Fox explained.

If Fox is whipping out fake abs and shoe bags for book signings, I’d love to see what she’d pull out when she wins a Pulitzer.

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