Inside David Beckham’s Hairstyle Museum

Following the release of David Beckham’s creatively-titled Netflix docuseries Beckham, it’s been near-on impossible to avoid the media frenzy that’s hounded the former England footballer since.

The documentary, which landed on Netflix in early October, is an in-depth four-part series in which Beckham gives a fly-on-the-wall look at his life, career, and marriage with Victoria (aka “Posh Spice”.)

While the show offers a telling insight into the aftermath of Beckham’s infamous red card against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup, the tyrant of abuse he was subjected to afterwards, and the ups and downs that occured amid a glittering football career, it also unearthed some astounding images of Beckham, not least one of him inexplicably wearing a durag and shaking hands with the now-King of England.

We even learnt something from last week’s Beckham premiere, the most pertinent of which being that Romeo, David’s son, now dresses like his dad circa 1998.

Most of all, though, the show — which, according to reports, has since seen Beckham land almost 500,000 new followers on IG — also highlighted the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star’s infamous sense of style (the sarong look) and his inability to keep a hairstyle for any longer than a week.

Throughout the late nineties and early noughties, Beckham was a muse for school kids (including me) all over the UK. Any child with any interest in football was soon attempting to keep up with Beckham’s outlandish hairstyles such was his fame; whether that meant donning cornrows in the playground or turning heads at a school disco with a thick slug-like mohawk.

Sure, Beckham dug up a myriad of truths (both good and bad) across the four-part series, but for us, the style-savvy group of individuals we are, the never-ending museum of hairdos on offer is what impressed us the most. Five stars all round. So, in the name of honoring such deviant Beckham looks, we’ve decided to list some of our stand outs.

The Cornrows

Despite since being voted as Beckham’s most iconic hairdo in a myriad of polls, the cornrows Beckham wore while meeting with Nelson Mandela in 2003 has emerged as one of his “biggest regrets.”

The Curtains

Beckham’s curtain hairdo in 1998 remains, to this day, almost as iconic as Beckham himself. Gelled with copious amounts of Brylcreem and highlighted to perfection.

The Slick Back

Only day-oners will remember Beckham’s slick rick phase. Sat atop the head of a young hot prospect as he first broke through the Manchester United ranks during the 1994 season, the short back and sides is about as tame as it ever got.

The Ponytail

Beckham’s low ponytail phase is truly iconic. Slicked back up top but dipping low behind, the look instantly evokes memories of Goldenballs’ time as a Galácticos during his Real Madrid tenure. I could never grow a ponytail as a kid, but if I could’ve, I would’ve.


A clippered patch up top, a medium buzzcut elsewhere, bare skin on the sides? It’s a hairy 2000s cocktail that I won’t be sipping. We call it the short back and ruin your life.

The Skinhead

Not much to say here, to be honest. For all the hairbands and highlights, this clean cut no messing about look is peak early 2000s Beckham. Reminds me of that goal against Greece in 2001.

The Mohawk

When Beckham suddenly shaved either side of his head and left a thick mohawk strip down the middle, the style was immediately banned at my school such were the number of kids rocking the punky look the following day. Wild times.

The Bowl Cut

One of personal favorites here: the bowl cut. A name that derives from the fact that it looks like you’ve simply popped a bowl on your head and trimmed around the ridges. It’s a quiet gem amongst a museum of crazy Beckham styles.

The Sweep

Honestly, I’ve barely looked at Beckham’s sweeping trim here. In fact, it’s pretty much his dullest haircut of the lot. But when you come across an image of David Beckham and Snoop Dogg, the second best rapper on the planet, you can’t not use it. It’s almost as iconic as the King Charles picture. But not quite.

The Normal Guy Cut

There’s no denying that Beckham has aged like a fine wine. Like a fine Argentinian Malbec, if you will. Even now at 47 years of age he looks the part. Sure, he isn’t the fresh-faced and naive late teen Beckham saw score from the half-way line against Wimbledon, but he’s the Beckham we all come to love. Especially when it comes to his hair.

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