The Sweet, Green Life. Parks Projects Has Fall on Lock.

Remember when you were little? And your little feet would pad softly along the dewy grass, cooling and refreshing each inch of your sole as it descended? Don’t you want to protect that patch of green? Parks Projects is dedicated to “leave it better than we found it”.

A noble cause, if you ask us.

But don’t just get involved for the good cause. The upper body offerings that Parks Projects delivers in this fall lineup are delightfully quirky – plus, if the models are anything to go by, add a touch of joy to its wearers. Not only do the designs match the aesthetic of what they purport to protect, but they connote a playfulness, fun, and enjoyment of it, too. Where else can you find flora, fungi and fauna in one place? No-one does it better than Parks Projects.

Be a part of the change you wanna see. Tall order? It’s just a patch of green, until it’s not.

Yellowstone Geysers Trail Fleece

We would never suggest anything untoward, but speaking of green. One could, in theory, enjoy green treats whilst spending time in green pastures, leading to trippy visions like the one featured on this very fleece. Cheeky? Sure. Likely? Even more so.

Acadia Waves Trail High Pile Fleece

Wavy, monochrome forms deliver mystery. Walk with us through the woods and be enamoured.

Parks Wonderland Trail High Pile Fleece

Made from 100% recycled Sherpa polyester, this fleece is a doodly delight. Coloring pencils at the ready, it’s gonna be a treat.

’63 National Parks Long Sleeve Tee

As the name suggests, this t-shirt offers nostalgic 60s typography for a serious throwback moment. Florals adorn the sleeves, reminding you of simpler times when flower power reigned supreme.

90s Doodle Parks Hoodie

Earthy, easy and with a yin yang motif on the sleeve, this hoodie says grounded af.

90s Doodle Parks Long Sleeve Tee

The playful lettering and the coffee crema color deliver a true tee triumph.

Catskills Flower Patch Long Sleeve Tee

Our favorite of the lineup, if nothing else for the big, audacious flowers across the front and the very de rigueur graphic tee game. Looks like something Pete Davidson would wear – you get to decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

National Parks 90s Crew

Green on green, this crewneck delivers warmth in a simple but effective colorway.

National Parks Fungi Long Sleeve Tee

Be a fun guy and have fun-gi with it. With little woodland creatures adorning the front, you’d be hard pressed to find a top more reminiscent of the Wind in the Willows.

Prospect Park Alliance x Parks Project Nature Club Hoodie

Don’t give a duck with not just one, but three across the back of this hoodie.

Death Valley Puff Print Long Sleeve Tee

This teal colorway elevates a regular tee to new heights. We like the purple accents, too.

Joshua Tree Puff Print Hoodie

Cosiness is being all wrapped up for your walk. Take notes from Japan and indulge in shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing, with a sweatshirt that hits all the right notes.

Escape to Nature Boxy Long Sleeve Tee

For wandering down the road less travelled, this tee offers a grounded, mellow outlook on life.

Zion Puff Print Long Sleeve Tee

Eponymously after Zion National Park, this puff print t-shirt is right on the money with its pastel tones and etherial graphics. We like the bold typography. Just don’t get it confused with Zion, the underground stronghold of Neo’s crew in The Matrix.