Romeo Beckham Is Dressing Like His Dad Circa 1998

At the premiere of David Beckham’s creatively-titled new Netflix documentary Beckham on October 3, a number of revelations came to light.

Most prevalent was the timely reminder that even at 47, Goldenballs himself is still one of the most handsome men on the planet. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, was that Romeo, Beckham’s second eldest, is dressing suspiciously like his dad circa 1998.

Arriving at London’s Curzon Mayfair alongside his partner Mia Regan, Romeo, 21, donned a loose-fitting brown Louis Vuitton two-piece suit, a fitted tank top and some extremely late nineties David Beckham-esque sunglasses.

The look, which saw the removal of the blazer at the premiere’s afterparty, was reminiscent of a photo from 2000 where the Manchester Utd star was papped with Victoria wearing a khaki vest, baggy pants, yellow-tinted sunglasses, trainers, and a shaved head.

Beckham, which landed on Netflix on October 4, is a four-part documentary in which the footballer gives a a fly-on-the wall look at his life, career, and marriage with Victoria.

Sure, taking style inspiration from your dad tends to be frowned upon nowadays (I mean, fanny packs and Skechers aren’t for everyone), but when your old fella is actually David Beckham you could do worse.

Earlier this year Brooklyn (David’s eldest) cosplayed his dad by wearing his actual England jersey, although Romeo’s homage is a little more stylish.

Personally, growing up in England throughout the early 2000s, the admiration I have for David Beckham is unparalleled. In fact, I’d go. as far as to say that there aren’t enough superlatives in the dictionary to accurately describe my love for the man.

And while the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star will be most fondly remembered for what he did on the pitch — that free-kick against Greece, that penalty against Argentina, kicking Diego Simeone to the deck — he’ll forever be considered a style icon off it, too.

The mohawk, the cornrows, the sarong, the durag, and all the mad looks in between, every hairstyle and outfit Beckham took public became an instant must have throughout the 2000s.

I suppose what I’m trying to say here is that while that was then and this is now, even more than two decades Beckham is having an influence on style. Thing is, the only ones still influenced seem to be the rest of the Beckham clan, which is quite cute actually.

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