These “For All The Dogs” Lyrics Should Stay in IG Caption Drafts

It’s no secret that Drake’s lyrics (well, some of them) make for great blurbs to go under new Instagram posts. You probably noticed how even Drake’s actual Instagram captions have become your local loverboy’s new favorite “deep” reshares, too.

A “poetic” album announcement and a couple of interesting rollout ‘fits later, Drake finally released his long-awaited For All The Dogs album during the wee hours of the morning on Friday, October 6. Essentially: new Drake equals new captions for the ‘gram.

Like Drake’s previous drops, the latest delivers its fair share of quote-ables sure to flood social media timelines like “Church like a priest, Turks for the week” (for all the island-bound bois) and “shawty graduated, playin’ it smart” (for all the upcoming grads).

Oh, and we can’t forget the “Please don’t ask me what I feel if you can’t handle the real” for all the fake deep kings.

But in true “only Drake” fashion, For All the Dogs also presents us with some new, erm, head-scratching lines — ones that should stay not only in fans’ drafts but should’ve stayed in Drake’s too.

“Love’s like a BBL, you don’t know if it’s real until you feel it,” Drake says in the track naturally named “BBL Interlude.”

“I’m auntie like your daddy sister,” Drake raps in “Fear of Height.” Okay.

Remember “Said you a lesbian, girl me too” from the Certified Lover Boy era? Meet “Feel like I’m Bi, ’cause you’re one of the guys, girl.”

“She pretty but ghetto, she pretty but rough like Virginia Beach” is not the compliment Drake thinks this is. But expect it to land under some Summer ’24 trip pics taken at Virginia’s famous oceanfront.

And for the icing on the corny lyric cake worthy of a good tomato throw, “I’m one away from Michael, beat it.”

Laughably bad? Yes. Cringe? Like his poetry book. Sassy? Absolutely, living up to his internet-proclaimed title. Nevertheless, Drake fans will post, share, and throw them under their next round of ‘fit pics. Why? Well, simply because their “G.O.A.T” said it. That’s the Drake effect for you.

Well, enjoy it while you can. During his SiriusXM radio show Table For One, Drizzy revealed that he will be taking a break from music “for a while” to focus on his health.

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