Denim Tears x Dr. Martens Loafers Are Works of Art

Tremaine Emory’s Denim Tears is linking with Dr. Martens for a footwear collab that feel very British and very Jamaican.

Denim Tears and Dr. Martens present a collaborative Penton loafer in two colorways: red and black.

While that familiar thick PVC sole serves as the base, the loafers’ toe boxes receive a bold design: a spin on the United Kingdom’s Union Jack utilizing the Jamaican flag’s colors. Denim Tears’ design borrows inspiration from British painter Chris Ofili’s “Union Black” flag, which incorporates the Pan African flag’s colors.

This isn’t the first time Emory has brought the Union Jack into Denim Tears’ design. The brand delivered an entire collection — “Empire Windrush Nineteen Forty Eight” — based on the design in 2021. Launched during London Fashion Week, Emory’s capsule retold the story of the Empire Windrush passenger liner, which brought the first of many Jamaican immigrants to London in 1948 (hence the collection’s name).

Denim Tears’ Dr. Martens loafers — dubbed the “Union Black” loafers — were first revealed at Somerset House as part of the “The Missing Thread” exhibition. The collaborative Docs comprise the showcase’s “Windrush” component, alongside a Denim Tears x Casely-Hayford custom suit.

While the collab will remain on display until 2024, Denim Tears and Dr. Martens are officially launching them for fans to enjoy — and the fans certainly seem ready to receive them, judging by the amount of fire emojis in the comments.

Patience, folks. The Denim Tears x Dr. Martens Penton loafers are set to launch on October 17 on Denim Tears’ website. 9 AM PST sharp for those interested in copping.

Although the Cotton Wreath denim and hoodies remain fan faves, Denim Tears has a string of solid shoe team-ups under its heels.

On top of the ASICS GEL-MC Plus link-up, Denim Tears delivered bold Chuck Taylors, intricately woven UGGs, and the beautiful fuzzy Dior sneakers previously — each intertwined with a profound message regarding Black history.

With Dr. Martens, Denim Tears’ meaningful storytelling shines again (in style, too).

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