Loro Piana’s Cozy Cocoons Are Luxury as Self-Care

Loro Piana, the Italian company known for its high-quality cashmere and wools, says “cocooning” is self-care. Inspired by caterpillars that wrap themselves up in protective coating until they emerge as butterflies, Loro Piana’s cocooning collection was first introduced in 2022 with an emphasis on comforting womenswear. Now, it expands to men. Cozy clothes for everyone!

The Fall 2023 cocooning collection, available October 12 via Loro Piana’s website, brings flowy, relaxed garments to all genders. Materials such as Aircash, a thinner version of cashmere that’s just as warm, and cashmere fleece, a knitted fabric that emphasizes texture, are left undyed to preserve their natural color and integrity.

For women, Loro Piana’s cocooning collection offers maxi dresses for lounging or a cozy day out, off-the-shoulder baggy sweaters with matching drawstring pants, chunky sweaters, and undergarments like tank tops. 

For men to enjoy the coziness of cocooning, the collection offers a knit sweater. There’s also a hoodie in the campaign imagery, suggesting that there may be more to the men’s cocooning than the product imagery implies. With some finessing, the women’s items are drapey enough to be gender-neutral, though. Loro Piana also offers socks and slippers, the latter of which is lined with cashfur, a cashmere and silk blend that’s extra warm for those chilly nights in. 

Loro Piana’s cocooning collection is stunning, with an emphasis on sensory comfort that can be felt through the screen. Self-care has no gender, and it’s about time Loro Piana followed suit.

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