Whoops! Michael Che And Colin Jost Had To Reschedule A Radio City Music Hall Show Because It Coincided With The New ‘SNL’ Premiere

On Wednesday SNL fulfilled a promise it made last week: The showrunners announced their first episode since the WGA strike ended. The Season 49 premiere isn’t far off either, landing on October 14. That’s less than a week-and-a-half as of this writing, which is not a ton of time to get things back in action. In fact, it’s so soon that two of its cast members had to reschedule another show they had booked for that Saturday night.

As per Deadline, Weekend Updaters Michael Che and Colin Jost had planned to do up Radio City Music Hall that same night. Now they had to reschedule it for the following evening.

“Radio City show moved to Sunday cause SNL back that night. Tickets are transferable, refunds will be granted,” Jost wrote on Instagram, adding, semi-ominously, “Nobody is happy about this.”

The good news is that when they return next Saturday, they’ll be joined by an old pal (and frequent Weekend Update guest): Pete Davidson. Davidson was supposed to host towards the end of Season 48…but then his episode coincided with the start of the WGA strike. But the best things come to those who wait, and after five months Davidson gets his Mulligan. It will even be the first time he’s been on the show since his departure in the spring of 2022.

(Via Deadline)