‘Star Wars’ Fans Rushed To Pay Tribute To Ray Stevenson After Watching His Final Jedi Performance In ‘Ahsoka’

After the Ahsoka finale dropped on Disney+, Star Wars fans rushed to social media to pay tribute to the late actor Ray Stevenson who brought the show a much-needed air of gravitas with his portrayal of fallen Jedi Baylan Skoll.

Stevenson passed away in May while filming Cassino in Ischia in Italy, which prompted an outpouring of tributes thanks to his performances in Thor, Rome, Punisher: War Zone, and more recently, RRR. The actor is now a beloved figure in the world of Star Wars, and his name dominated the Trending Topics on Twitter as fans devoured the Ahsoka finale.

As Baylan Skoll, Stevenson cut an imposing figure as the stoic and seemingly immovable Jedi. From his very first scene, he was a force to be reckoned with, but also instantly compelling thanks to his delicate balance between light and dark. While technically operating as a mercenary to retrieve Grand Admiral Thrawn and restore the Empire, Baylan’s goal were more lofty as he sought an ancient power that could rebuild the galaxy into something far greater than endless wars. Or so he believed.

Unfortunately, Stevenson won’t be around to see Baylan reach his goal. The actor’s final scene showed his character standing on top of a broken, but very noteworthy set of statues, as he looks off to a beam of light in the distance. Baylan finding the power that’s been calling to him will have to wait until next season. However, the scene still hit hard with Star Wars fans as they realized this would be the last time they’d see Stevenson’s Jedi performance.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Ahsoka Season 1 is available for streaming on Disney+.