Okay, This IVY PARK x adidas Drop Is Actually Good (Maybe It’s Best)

Beyoncé isn’t ready to let us breathe just yet. Fresh off the Renaissance tour, we’re about to receive not only the Renaissance: the Movie (I just made the title up) but, apparently, another IVY PARK x adidas drop as well.

Recently, supposed leaked images of the newest IVY PARK x adidas collection hit social media feeds, revealing a leathery black offering of apparel and accessories.

Collaborative track pants and jackets receive leather Three-Stripes, joined by buttery pleated skirts and smooth Trefoil tops. The collection also has sleek, shiny outerwear, sports sets, and bucket hats.

IVY PARK x adidas’ forthcoming drop offers nicely designed accessories, including an eye-catching 3DD bas and a duffle topped with smooth embossing.

Will there be shoes? Yes, there will be shoes. Fresh IVY PARK x adidas footwear comes to us as creamy sneaker options and a thigh-high boot boasting a sole similar to the two’s Super Sleek team-up.

The Beyhive’s verdict? One comment pretty much sums it up: “THIS IS WHAT WE SHOULD’VE BEEN GETTING ALL ALONG!”

I’ve enjoyed a couple of IVY PARK x adidas’ previous collections (my fave being the camo drop), but this black drop may very well be Bey and adidas’ best yet.

There’s been a black (and gold) release before. But the latest hits the mark in terms of design, colorway again (all black is so classic), and, honestly, speak the most to Beyoncé’s style. It’s probably the most fashion-forward drop after the “Trail” release.

Beyoncé fans have never been more ready to drop their coins on an IVY PARK x adidas drop. Plus, with Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé hitting theaters soon, the Hive will need theater ‘fits.

In March, Beyoncé and adidas reportedly agreed to end the IVY Park x adidas partnership after four years, with whispers of creative differences being the reason for the breakup.

Beyoncé and adidas themselves haven’t yet commented on the purportedly terminated collaboration. They’ve kept business going as usual, rolling out new collections throughout the tour.

IVY PARK x adidas even dressed Queen Bey and her Renaissance crew for a few on-stage ensembles. Beyoncé teased the forthcoming collection during her last stop on the Renaissance Tour in Kansas City, donning black IVY PARK x adidas pieces during a “Cuff It” performance.

The black IVY PARK x adidas collection is expected to launch sometime in October (black for spooky season? She gets it). So, there’s a chance we could hear more details very soon…if rumors prove true.

Speaking of the rumor mill, word on the street is that the latest IVY PARK x adidas collection marks the end of the road for the collab. If so, Beyoncé and adidas certainly saved the best for last.

If not, it’s still gets the crown for best IVY PARK x adidas collection thus far.

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