Will Ferrell Roasts Eli Manning’s Horrific Will Ferrell Impression

Will Ferrell has been pretty good at impersonating people over the course of his career. As such, you would think that he’s a pretty good judge of how good an impression is, and you would think that he’s really good at judging an impression that someone does of himself.

All of this is basically to say that there is no human on earth who is more well equipped to judge how good of a job Eli Manning did when he busted out Ferrell’s most famous line from his brief cameo in the movie Wedding Crashers. Ferrell joined Peyton and Eli on Monday night’s edition of the Manningcast, and Peyton was awfully excited to show the video of his brother screaming “MA, MEATLOAF” and get Ferrell’s thoughts.

“It’s probably about a, I’ll say like a 1.1,” Ferrell said. “I mean, 1 for effort, 1 for giving it a shot. It’s definitely not a 2.”

Ferrell made it a point to get into the art of acting, and how Manning could have made this much better.

“It was great context, timing was good,” Ferrell said. “You rushed it a little bit, and it’s supposed to be … you gotta have a little more, you gotta use your diaphragm. There’s some rage behind it. This guy had some rage, so it was more like, ‘MA, MEATLOAF.’”

Eli then tried his best with some coaching from Ferrell, and while he started moving in the right direction, I’ll be honest: It could have been better.