When Will ‘Expend4bles’ Be On Streaming?

When the Expendables franchise returned after a nine-year hiatus, it wasn’t exactly met with open arms. The fourquel opened weakly and still managed to lose nearly 70% of its audience by its second weekend. That doesn’t mean it won’t ever find an audience. Lots of movies live on in the comfort of people’s homes. In fact, when is Expend4bles, aka The Expendables 4, hitting streaming?

It’s a complicated question. Right now Lionsgate, who distributed the it, has not released a streaming date. But if one goes by how the studio has handled other films, you can get ballpark idea. Per Decider, their Lizzy Caplan horror thriller Cobweb was released in theaters on July 21 — the same day as “Barbenheimer,” though tragically no one lumped it in with that dynamic duo. On August 11, it was available to rent or purchase.

But when will it be available as part of a streamer’s package? Digital Trends looked at John Wick: Chapter 4, which came out in March and is currently exclusively streaming on Starz, which is owned by Lionsgate. In other words, if you’re not a Starz subscriber and you don’t want to fork over for a rental or purchase fee, you’re not going to see Expend4bles on a non-Starz streamer until at least mid-2024.

Or you could go see Expend4bles in theaters, while it’s still playing.