Even When She Ain’t Trying, Lily-Rose Depp’s Style Is Pure It Girl

Some people have it, others don’t. Lily-Rose Depp doesn’t just have it, she is it: the living manifestation of an it girl, even.

Depp’s off-duty looks are the stuff of Fashion Twitter legend, because she’s simply incapable of missing. She’s mastered an effortless blend of archival designer clothes, thoughtful vintage, and wardrobe staples, mixing and matching all eras of fashion into a surprisingly cohesive wardrobe.

The it girl more than a good outfit, though: it’s a state of mind. Look at how Depp carries herself for a masterclass in effortless ease.

Wearing an off-shoulder grey knit top, baggy jeans — with the waist folded down, of course — a cross necklace, and UGG boots, Lily-Rose Depp epitomizes aspirational daily style. I mean, everything here is imminently wearable, versatile, and modular, only elevated by the touches of personality.

See how Depp’s delicate gold jewelry contrasts against the texture of her sweater while mirroring the bow-tied drawstring. Consider how the red leather bag plays against the outfit’s neutral tones and textures. Observe the proportional balance of the folded-waist jeans, intentionally creating space beneath the sweater while hitting just below the ankle.

That’s a lot going on for a look that Depp wore to get her nails done. Like, this is the definition of a circumstance calling for a casual look. Most folks would slip into sweats!

But it’s also de rigeuer for Depp, who dresses with extreme panache even when she’s hardly trying.

That’s part of being an it girl. It’s not just being styled well or wearing clothes that fit but having a strong personal sense of what works, plus the confidence to pull it off.

You can’t teach that. Well, I guess you could, but it takes time and the results don’t look nearly this authentic.

Good style is something you can spill a million words about but never really define in mere words. It’s an air, an attitude. In the words of Potter Stewart, you “know it when you see it.”

Lily-Rose Depp has it.

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