Elon Musk Is Being Sued By Grimes Over Parental Rights Of Their Three Kids

Another day, another lawsuit for Elon Musk.

The guy who ruined Twitter is not only in legal trouble after he falsely accused a recent-college graduate of being a federal agent involved with a neo-Nazi group, Musk is also being sued by his ex-wife, Grimes, over the custody of their kids. According to Page Six, “Grimes filed a ‘petition to establish parental relationship’ on Sept. 29 in a California court… The request asks the court to identify the legal parents of a child when they are not married.”

Although the docket for the case is public, the filings have been sealed; however, it does not appear that the Tesla co-founder has responded to Grimes’ petition. She also has yet to request child support or custody rights.

Musk and Grimes have three kids together: X Æ A-Xii, Exa Dark Sideræl, and Techno Mechanicus. The Tesla founder is now up to 10 kids overall in his one-man quest to populate the planet. He once claimed that “population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming,” but as Joseph Chamie, a consulting demographer and a former director of the United Nations Population Division, told CNN, “He’s better off making cars and engineering than at predicting the trajectory of the population.”

(Via Page Six)