Thanks to Vetements, We Know What Travis Kelce Did Last Night

A week and a New Balance 550 restock later, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are still the talk of the internet.

Coincidentally (not really), the two are in New York City this weekend, as a big Chiefs and Jets game is set to go down on Sunday, October 1.

Of course, the Chiefs player will be on the field…and Taylor is due to make yet another and (probably) viral appearance in the stands, per reports. This football season may very well belong to the Swifties.

But before the game, let’s rewind the weekend, specifically Kelce’s arrival to the Big Apple.

Fresh off the plane, Kelce is dressed to impress (Taylor perhaps), exiting the airline in a deconstructed Luu Dan suit, a white tee, shiny patent shoes, and Wayne’s World hat. A Louis Vuitton briefcase in one hand and a Louis Vuitton suitcase in the other.

It’s safe to say Kelce certainly enjoys a good statement look. Remember last week’s KidSuper ‘fit?

As the sun went down Saturday, the day changed to night, the rain finally stopped, and out came Stealth Kelce.

The NFL player wore black pinstripe trousers with super-exclusive Air Jordan 3 PE “Tinker Oregon Ducks” sneakers for his nighttime outfit. And while in New York, he sported a New York hat (so nice, it says NY twice).

The most interesting part of his outfit was his tee, however: a Spring/Summer 2023 Vetements t-shirt that read, “I’m not doing shit today.”

When Avril Lavigne donned the top at Paris Fashion Week, it was a mood. In Kelce’s case, it’s kind of funny and even ironic.

Apparently, Kelce was doing shit that Saturday. According to reports, he went to Taylor’s apartment, leaving in the morning of the Chiefs game in the wee hours.

Now, it’s Football Sunday. The Chiefs and Jets’ kickoff is at 8:30 p.m. May the force be with everyone’s feeds (and Swift-approved shoes) tonight.

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