Surprise Harvest: Swatch & OMEGA Restock Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch

The dates of each supermoon event may as well be national holidays because they tend to inform Swatch and OMEGA’s drops and restocks.

Specifically the Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch is set to release once again, this time for the harvest moon in late September 2023.

The Swatch x OMEGA Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch remains one of the most sought-after watches from the entire collaborative collection, with the original model still reselling for upwards of $700, well over double the 42mm watch’s $295 price tag.

Thus, Swatch and OMEGA’s Mission to Moonshine Gold’s harvest moon drop presents a rare opportunity for Moonswatch fans (of which there are many) to get their hands on a coveted Swatch x OMEGA collab at retail, which was initially the point of these affordable Speedmaster-inspired timepieces.

On September 29, select Swatch stores across the globe are releasing the Swatch x OMEGA Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch one more time, complete with some special harvest moon-themed details: hands decorated to look like grain and a glow-in-the-dark signature.

A complete list of participating Moonswatch boutiques is available on Swatch’s website.

The restocks most recently restarted when the Mission to Neptune Gold Moonswatch restocked for the August 2023 blue moon

Swatch and Omega most recently rolled out several updates to the Mission to Moonshine Moonswatch, including the Swiss Nation Day-themed watch and a pink-hued Moonshine Gold but no recent revivals of the original Moonswatch collection, unfortunately for Moonswatch-starved collectors.

However, Swatch did introduced a new iteration of its affordable, collaborative watches with fellow Swatch Group brand Blancpain.

The Bioceramic Fifty Fathoms wasn’t quite the viral hit that the Moonswatches were but that was never the intent: whereas the Moonswatches are a covetable watch collab with mass appeal, the Swatch’s special Fifty Fathoms timepieces were primarily meant for real watch heads.

As such, you can expect the forthcoming Mission to Moonshine Gold Moonswatch restock to fly off shelves as quickly as any prior Moonswatch drop.

The late September harvest moon is the final major moon moment of the year, so hopefully Swatch and OMEGA’s Moonswatch will rise again outside of the supermoon schedule.

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