Fearless Jennifer Lawrence Makes Socks & Sandals Look So Easy

I find it inconceivable that there are still people who find the humble Birkenstock sandal unpalatable but, sure, those people probably exist. And if they exist, then there are certainly far more people who’re deeply, deeply upset by the mere proposition of sandals, especially of the Birkenstock variety, mingling with socks.

But socks and sandals need not be feared. Turn to Jennifer Lawrence, the patron saint of excellent quiet style, for a reminder of how easy it is to make socks and sandals look as good as humanly possible.

It really doesn’t take much, admittedly, but Jennifer Lawrence is a safe style beacon ‘cuz you know she’ll always steer you right. She’s simple incapable of not dressing well, and she has a closetful of The Row to prove it.

On September 28, Jennifer Lawrence and son Cy stepped out for a stroll in a comfortable early fall day.

You don’t need me to tell you that it was autumn, though, because Lawrence’s outfit does all the talking: just-oversized ivory corduroy shirt over a perfect, waist-length T-shirt, beanie, billowing black slacks, and, yes, socks and sandals.

Let’s talk specifics. What works here is that the shirt and pants are both quite generous but not enormous. The shirt hits right at Lawrence’s knuckle and its visible chunk is a solid counterpoint to the drape of her pants. The epitome of a quietly luxurious look, only made that much more louche by the sandals and socks.

Note that Lawrence is also dressed in monochrome, a further outfit simplification that only better blends the sandals in with the rest of her look.

See how well this also works for David Beckham, who also dared to slide his fancy socks into some sandals. Jennifer Lawrence has him beat on proportions and layering appeal, though.

You have to realize that, years ago, socks and sandals were pure faux pas. Luckily, folks of taste have long evolved beyond that silly notion, understanding the ultimate truth: socks n’ sandals is a physical manifestation of ease, of comfort, of unbothered cool. We can’t all look as good as Jennifer Lawrence but we can all follow her lead.

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