‘You Make It Up!’: Gavin Newsom Took The Fight To Sean Hannity’s Face In Chaotic Post-Debate Shouting Match

Gavin Newsom stopped by Fox News last night to provide his insights on the second Republican debate. However, things went off the rails as he got into a shouting match with Sean Hannity over America’s energy independence under Joe Biden.

The conversation turned into a chaotic shouting match as Newsom encouraged viewers to actually Google the truth about domestic oil production under Biden, prompting Hannity to start rattling off his pre-written conservative talking points. Eventually, Newsom got fed up with Hannity’s misinformation and told him straight to his face, “You make it up!” as he proceeded to blast Fox News for failing its viewers.

You can watch the exchange below:

Despite the tense exchange, there was a moment where Newsom and Hannity seemingly agreed on one issue: Biden’s age. The California governor notably didn’t push back when the Fox News host raised the issue.

Via Mediaite:

“I know the truth,” began Hannity. “In your heart, in your mind, you want this! But you have basically gone on a media tour sucking up to Joe Biden, and you know he’s a cognitive mess. You know it!”

While playing the part of the loyal surrogate and party man, Newsom appeared to slyly acknowledge the premise of Hannity’s dig at the incumbent president.

“I also know he’s got an extraordinary record to run on, and I couldn’t be more proud-” he replied.

However, Hannity didn’t realize what happened and started making Newsom defend Biden’s border policy as the moment slipped by.

(Via Aaron Rupar on Twitter, Mediaite)