Enter Blitz Club With Stone Island And Highsnobiety

For those of you who don’t know Blitz Club, you’re missing out on one of Munich’s underground gems. For those of you who do know the iconic music hub, maybe you were at our Stone Island x Highsnobiety party last week…

After the successful and highly anticipated arrival of the Stone Island store in Munich and introducing you to the trailblazing Munich Kollektiv, we thought it only made sense to celebrate the big moment with an even bigger experience. 

Last Thursday, we took over cult club Blitz, a legendary landmark housed in Munich’s prestigious and former industrial museum. It was one of the first times that the club opened its doors for an event like this, which made it even more special for those who attended.

Sound and video installations from conceptual artist Stefanie Egedy were scattered throughout the space with a CCTV-like camera screen ready for Stoney selfies. A stellar lineup of local Berlin and Munich DJs, including Nene H, Yazzus, Chelo, and Radio 80000, graced the dancefloor till the early hours of the morning, covered in a haze of smoke. The trusty, yellow compass lit up corners of the club while many of the 600 guests moved throughout the space, dripping in head-to-toe Stone Island — literally. 

It was a night to remember and the beginning of a new Stone Island era for Munich locals. Shop the latest pieces here