Bradley Cooper, Simple Salomon Style Icon

There’s something to say about an A-list actor resisting all the fancy clothes and expensive stuff they presumably could afford to indulge in. Bradley Cooper is a key example of a guy who knows what he likes and need not stray.

What does Bradley Cooper like? Old man Salomon sneakers, and he likes ’em a lot.

Cooper was spotted early on September 27, a brisk early autumn morning in New York. The tabloids’ were mostly interested in his fresh buzz-cut a daringly short hairdo for an actor known for luscious locks.

But my eyes headed underfoot, where Cooper was rocking some impressively uncool Salomon shoes.

Of course, by “uncool” I don’t mean “bad” but “not trendy,” which actually does mean “cool,” at least in my book. Give me normal in-line sneakers over a rare collaborative shoe any day of the week.

And Bradley Cooper certainly ain’t wearing anything rare: in the photo above, he’s rocking an older version of the very normal Salomon X Ultra 4 hiking boot, which is pretty easily available online.

This is merely the latest in a long line of extremely ordinary Salomon sneakers that Cooper has been seen wearing as of late, nearly all mid-top hiking boot-style sneakers and most lined with GORE-TEX. Perhaps he’s been stocking up for the season at New York’s REI store. Those discounts add up!

Cooper is truly in his dad era. He’s got the normcore beanie, the staple jacket, the dad jeans (naturally) and the functional footwear. This is a man who’s dressing for utility, which I’ll take any day over look-at-me peacocking.

It’s just innately satisfying to see someone who both doesn’t care for luxury clothes and is very much just doing them. That’s called personal style, baby.

Especially someone like Cooper, who’s an actual Louis Vuitton ambassador with access to whatever the luxury house could offer and a child with supermodel Irina Shayk. Nope, just plain Salomons for Maestro, if you please.

Bradley Cooper’s unfashion inclinations are very Adam Sandler, Chris Rock — I mean that as a compliment.

This what authenticity looks like, and it’s rather inspirational to me. The fact that someone who could have it all is making a deliberate choice to indulge only in something incredibly ordinary is demonstrative of impressive opposition to material goods.

Really, we’d all be better off if we could do the same.

What makes this especially interesting is that Cooper has displayed some sneakerhead tendencies in the not-so-recent past.

Cooper’s been seen wearing the original Stone Island x New Balance running shoe, for instance, and he’s even laced up Riccardo Tisci’s mid-top Air Force 1 on occasion, one of many IYKYK Nikes in his stash.

And yet, Cooper is very clearly choosing to wear only elderly Salomons as of late. That’s dedication. Aspirational stuff!

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