J. Cole Posts Letter Colin Kaepernick Sent to NY Jets After Aaron Rodgers Injury: ‘I Hope There’s a Spot Out There For My Boy Kap’

J. Cole would like NY Jets fans to change their famous chant from J-E-T-S! to “Kap-Kap-Kap!”

On Tuesday (Sept. 26), Cole posted a letter he said he obtained from exiled NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, in which the player who famously got sidelined after taking a knee during the National Anthem in protest of police brutality and racial inequality in 2016 offered up his services to the Jets in the wake of the week-one injury to Aaron Rodgers. Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers in 2017 after his protest made international headlines and offered himself up as a free agent, but the six-year veteran has not had any offers from another NFL team since.

“I asked Colin @kaepernick7 if I could share this letter with the world. He was reluctant,” Cole said of the note dated Sept. 21. “My argument was that I believe the people and all organizations should know the truth about how hard he works and how much he still wants to play. And always has. In the end, he agreed to let me.”

In his note, the former San Francisco 49ers QB told the Jets’ GM Joe Douglas that he would be “honored and extremely grateful for the opportunity to come in and lead the practice squad.” At press time it did not appear that Kaepernick had posted the letter on his socials, or commented on Cole posting it.

“I’m writing, of course, in response to the unfortunate loss of Aaron Rodgers. I know the aspirations this season were, and still are, to win a championship, and so that Hall of Fame sized hole will need to be filled as best as possible to keep the team on a Super Bowl track,” Kaepernick wrote in his note about the loss of the legendary Rodgers, who went down with a torn Achilles tendon just four plays into his first season with the Jets.

“As of right now, Zach Wilson is charged with that task, and I wish him and the rest of the team the best moving forward,” Kaepernick continued. “However, I know that there are currently depth issues at the position, and I’ve heard that the back-up spot is likely to be filled by a veteran Quarterback. As much as I would love the opportunity to fill that spot, I’m writing you in hopes that you can imagine a much different approach involving me.”

Kaep said he would be happy to lead the practice squad in an effort to help the team’s defense be ready each week by giving them the advantage of getting a “truer read on the more mobile/athletic/versatile quarterbacks it will face in weeks 4, 5, and 6 (Mahomes, Wilson, and Hurts.”

It would also, of course, allow the team to get a look at where Kaepernick is at this point, football-wise, after more than six years on the shelf. Kaepernick assured the Jets that he has not stopped training since his exile, working out every weekday, while attaching a list of references that included Michigan head coach (and former 49ers coach) Jim Harbaugh, Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh and UCLA head coach (and former 49ers coach) Chip Kelly.

Rumors about Kaepernick’s availability and interest have been swirling for several weeks, following the Rodgers loss that instantly deflated title chances for the Jets, who are currently mired in the longest active playoff drought in the league at 12 seasons.

“I wish the @nyjets organization luck. My boy @bas is a big ass fan so I saw the heartbreak of every Jets fan when Arod went down,” added Cole, who shouted out CKaep on the 2018 Miguel track “Come Through and Chill,” where he rhymed, “In case my lack of reply had you catchin’ them feelings/ Know you’ve been on my mind like Kaepernick kneelin’/ Or police killings, or Trump sayin’ slick s–t.”

@richeisen Everyone from players, to coaches, to execs are feeling the pressure I’m sure. I hope y’all can turn it around, and I hope there’s a spot out there for my boy Kap.”

See Cole’s post below.