Is Jay-Z Wearing YEEZYs?

First, Jay-Z was out here in Nikes. Now, the man we call Hov is wearing what looks like adidas sneakers — and not just any adidas shoes. The pairs appear to hail from the since-terminated YEEZY partnership.

A dinner with Beyoncé and other famous friends — Bey’s BFF Kelly Rowland and musician The-Dream, specifically — saw Jay-Z deliver some lowkey dining style.

Jay-Z’s stealthy look includes a black Louis Vuitton beanie, a black shirt, black sweatpants, and — oh wait — creamy-looking, adidas-y sneakers.

From what we (and Google’s image source) could make out, Jay-Z’s obscure sneakers looked strikingly close to adidas YEEZY’s 500 shoes.

Resembling the “Bone” colorway, Jay-Z’s shoes featured the YEEZY 500’s distinct chunky look down to the bulbous base. Plus, its upper consisted of similar designs and stitchings as seen on the YEEZY sneaker.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jay-Z rock a pair of adidas, let alone those coming from his friend (?) Kanye West (just Ye now). ICYMI: He’s been quietly directing PUMA’s basketball division since 2018.

During the early glory days of adidas YEEZY (also peak Jay & Ye’s bromance), Jay-Z kept his Watch the Throne collaborator’s shoes in rotation. In 2016, you’d catch Hov at a NBA game or just out and about, sporting adidas YEEZY 350 Boost on foot.

At one moment in time, Jay and Ye were pretty tight. We got one of arguably the greatest collaborative albums from the friendship and business partnership.

A few Ye outbursts and sneak disses later, the two’s relationship became murky over the years.

Things appeared alright between the two when Jay surprisingly featured on “Jail” from Ye’s DONDA project in 2021, marking the first collaboration between the two in years.

Well, then Ye threatened to remove the billionaire from the album, according to leaked footage from a Kanye West documentary detailing Donda’s chaotic creation process.

Perhaps, the two are cordial. Though, Jay and Beyoncé have been known to strongly distance themselves from drama, shenanYEgans included. Or maybe like Kim Kardashian and other YEEZY fans, even Jay-Z can’t let go of YEEZY’s shoes. Who knows? Only Hov does.

Regardless, Jay-Z is now (seemingly) out here in YEEZYs.

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