Burmester and Mercedes Take In-Car Audio to the Next Level

Let’s be honest—your car is your personal space, and there’s no better feeling than listening to your favorite artist with a sound system that accentuates their vocals and complements the production.

With this in mind, Burmester Audiosystems and Mercedes-Maybach have aligned to take in-car audio to the next level. Closing the bridge between audio engineering and cutting-edge experiential software, the innovative Burmester Sound System allows listeners to experience an all-encompassing soundscape within Mercedes’ iconic Maybach series.

Originally launched in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2013, the surround sound technology spearheaded a new era of in-car entertainment. Evolving in 2020 with the introduction of the world’s first 4D sound system, Burmester’s high-end audio with added tech by Dolby Atmos is now the enhanced acoustical benchmark in all Mercedes-Benz models.

The perfect way to listen to your favorite playlist, the sound system features a ring radiator and hybrid amplifier that produces detailed and powerful sound without compromising on clarity. In a nutshell, you can turn it up to 11 and still feel every detail.

Additional features include a personal sound profile, which allows the sound image to be adapted to the user’s individual preferences, providing a bespoke sound profile to suit your taste.

The game-changing sound system allows you to hear music in the purest way possible. Providing richer-than-rich bass and crisp and clear treble, the sound system transports you to the booth as your favorite artist records their latest track or, better yet, the mosh-pit at a packed show seconds before your idol stage dives. Vivid enough to touch, the immersive audio puts you bang in the center of sound. Without a doubt, the music sounds better with Burmester and Mercedes.

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