Beyoncé’s Rick Owens Boots Might’ve Won the ‘Renaissance’ Tour

“This that Rick.” Or whatever Beyoncé said in “Thique.” Justice for “Thique,” by the way.

The Queen Bey’s Renaissance tour fashion continues to exceed expectations, with her latest possibly being the one to take the tour fashion’s crown.

While in Dallas, Texas, Beyoncé performed her hit “Break My Soul” while outfitted in a head-to-toe Rick Owens look. Thee Beyoncé in Rick Owens? Yes, thee Beyoncé in Rick Owens.

To be honest, I can’t think of a time where I’ve ever seen Beyoncé in Rick, besides the stylish visuals for the Renaissance rollout. I even went to the ends of Google’s search results in hopes I’d stumble across a “Bey wears Rick Owens” blast from the past. No results.

Now? She’s on the Renaissance stage, performing in Rick Owens boots. And I’m more than here for it.

Coming from the dark lord himself (Rick Owens), Beyoncé’s ‘fit was all black and otherworldly. Though, it would’ve been more fitting for “Alien Superstar”, in my opinion. But hey, a Rick moment by Beyoncé is a Rick moment by Beyoncé. So I’ll take Darth Yoncé, please.

Beyoncé’s Rick Owens look — fans are calling it her best tour ‘fit yet — included a sequined body suit with a super plunging neckline. The suit also featured perched shoulders, where a sheer cape stretched into a flowing train that billowed with each step she took.

The Rick Owens outfit was complete with the brand’s oversized shield shades and the brand’s platformed Spartan Waders boots.

As seen in its Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Rick Owens Spartan Waders presents a caged detailing wrapping the things alongside studded details and a clear, thick heel.

Thinking “Beyoncé has Rick Owens boots, so I want Rick Owens boots”? As we speak, Rick Owen’s towering pairs linger at a few retail sites. The price tag? Eh, around $3K.

I’ve said it before and’ll say it again: Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour fashion is her best yet. On top of her expected pulls from big luxury houses like Balmain and Mugler, Beyonce brought buzzing faves like Telfar, Daily Paper, Diesel, and Brandon Blackwood on tour with her.

Bey has been known to support smaller brands in both street and tour style. But Renaissance feels, well, just as the name implies — a rebirth of Bey’s fashion tastes featuring today’s designers.

Indeed, Renaissance tour is better than fashion week.