We’re in Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Heaven

Since the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 dropped, we’ve been living in a brand new nostalgic future—a future where flip phones are back and back for good. It’s a world where the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is more than a device; it’s a totem of past and present coming together seamlessly. Perfectly pocket-sized and right at home in an extra teeny tiny handbag, whipping out the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and unfurling its flexible AMOLED screen opens a portal to a parallel universe where technology and art merge, and colors pop with an otherworldly brilliance. 

Daring, playful, and unapologetically stylish, every flip pays a celebratory homage to the era when flip phones were more than just utilitarian tools but a bold statement too. Samsung proves that phones and fashion strut down the runway hand in hand. It’s the ultimate accessory, and this season, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 phone is turning heads.

We spoke with some angels plucked right from the fluffy flip phone cloud nine: fabulous butterfly George, stylish and vibrant Luanda, and fashion-forward Hakan. 


Why do you think Y2K is having such a moment?

To me it’s about complete freedom of expression, nostalgia for simpler times, when we weren’t overwhelmed by the pressure that comes with living in the era of the internet.

What’s a top Y2K fashion moment for you?

Britney and Justin Timberlake matching denim outfits.

What does personalization mean to you?

Shaping my life and reality to one that resonates most with my soul, even in the tiniest of details.

What do you love most about flipping a flip phone?

It makes me feel like a Power Ranger Mean Girl Ben 10 Magical Winx Princess from Heaven 

Have any advice for taking selfies on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5?

Serve fierce freedom and do not be afraid to explore your angles. If you feel good, you’ll look good—energy resonates stronger than looks!


How did it feel stepping into a nostalgic future with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5?

It gave me the freedom to express my art in a new dimension, especially with all the amazing features to do it all by yourself.

Why do you think Y2K is having such a moment?

I think as time passes we acknowledge the past more and especially my generation who never experienced the time, we also wanna have fun.


Why do you think Y2K is having such a moment?

Honestly, I think it’s because it still really focuses on an aspect that young people really relate to, a time when everything was better and more authentic. The future is polished and new but the good ol’ days were creative, authentic and playful.

What does personalization mean to you?

If you have an idea that exists and do something completely new out of it—my favorite way of existing!

What’s your fave Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 feature?

Bro, you can use that phone as a makeup mirror and take pictures at the same time, LOVE IT!