Sofia Vergara Transforms Into The ‘Godmother’ Drug Lord In Netflix’s ‘Griselda’ Teaser From The ‘Narcos’ Team

Nearly two years after Narcos Mexico stopped getting high on its own supply, much of the Narcos team is back with another side of the drug-trade coin. This time, the story revolves around a fearsome woman, as opposed to the more (often tongue-in-cheek) macho energy of that franchise.

Original Narcos co-creator Doug Miro and Narcos: Mexico executive producer Eric Newman team up (with several Narcos actors in tow) for what Newman calls the “cousin” to Narcos. This story revolves around Colombian drug cartel leader Griselda Blanco, a prolific cocaine trafficker as portrayed by Sofia Vergara. We haven’t seen the Modern Family star get dramatic on TV yet, so this series should attract eyeballs for more reasons than one. And as this teaser trailer reveals, Griselda is not amused when a man suggests that someone else (a man) would be in charge of a prospective deal.

That was a mistake. Griselda reigned from the 1970s to the early aughts, and her tour of terror included operating under 20 aliases, moving hundreds of kilos per month, and ordering anywhere between 50 to 250 murders, depending on the source. Perhaps this ^^ smart-mouthed dude was one of those murder victims. From the six-part limited series’ synopsis:

La Jefa is coming. Sofia Vergara transforms in this series, inspired by Griselda Blanco, a woman who rose from obscurity to become ‘the Godmother’ of the underworld. Witness her lethal blend of charm and ruthlessness in this captivating series.

Griselda streams on January 25, 2024.