Halsey & Avan Jogia Are the Tumblr-Core Couple of Our Dreams

I’m going to have to say this loudly over all the crying: Avan Jogia is off the market. The Victorious heartthrob was recently papped having a PDA-filled night with Halsey, confirming months of rumors that the two are an item. The pairing blindsided me (no, I’m not jealous) and other fans. But more importantly, the duo’s outfits immediately recall the embarrassing, self-insert fanfiction I wrote during my Tumblr days.

The main paparazzi snap making the rounds looks straight out of a modern-day adaptation of the 1992 grunge flick Singles. Jogia sports a leather trench, paint-splattered jeans, a denim button-up, and white platform boots. Halsey is decked out in rockstar-girlfriend chic, wearing a matching leather jacket, a DIY-cropped Sepultura shirt, low-rise jeans, and kitten heels. 

The singer’s ever-evolving style has settled into a hyper-feminine punk rhythm. Halsey loves a good midriff-bearing moment, and her rotation of band tees paired with her wide array of skirts makes my heart flutter. 

As for Jogia’s style? Luckily, he beats the “He’s just Ken” allegations, sticking to menswear basics such as button-ups and exquisitely fitting blazers. He freaks the formula just a bit, adding elements of bondage gear or a simple white tank, embodying an effortless, punk sleaze that compliments Halsey’s garb.

The pair first dropped breadcrumbs of their bubbling romance while lounging on a beach together in Barcelona. Since then, the two haven’t done the best job of hiding anything. Halsey even posted an Instagram photo of a backyard gathering featuring a (poorly) blurred-out Jogia

Personally, my favorite snap is of Jogia shouldering a mountain of clothes for Halsey at a Los Angeles flea market. He kept it casual with a baseball cap, hoodie, and the white platform boots that might become a recurring character in this romance. Halsey, being the style chameleon that she is, opted for a sailor shirt and pleated skirt paired with mary jane Dr. Martens.

They’re too perfect. I promised myself I wouldn’t stan a couple, but Halsey and Jogia are the style match of my grungy Tumblr dreams.

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