Telfar & UGG Reunited & It Feels so Denim Good

As one of Telfar’s longest-standing collaborations, UGG has helped some of the most memorable Telfar bags in the brand’s collaborative history. Remember the shearling-trimmed Telfy totes from a couple years back? Dare we say… iconic?

Finally, after a two year-long hiatus, Telfar and UGG reunited for a quick revision of their signature collab in March 2023.

It was a brief reunion befitting of the immensely popular Telfar x UGG line, though its main feature was preluding the pair’s collaborative future. Now, the future is here, and it’s denim AF.

Come September 25 via Telfar’s website, Telfar and UGG are dropping a seven-piece denim-themed capsule collab comprising everything you need for a Telfar winter.

There are three styles of raw denim Telfar bags, all trimmed with the typical UGG shearling and guaranteed to age better than perhaps any other Telfar bag ever made — vegan leather has its upsides but longevity ain’t usually one of ’em.

The Telfar x UGG denim bags are also a bit more affordable than the typical Telfy UGGs. The largest size retails for $370, for instance, making it a slight bit cheaper than the $420 Telfar x UGG suede bags released in March.

Accompanying the three denim bags is a Telfar x UGG denim Mini Boot and a set of base layers essential for keeping Telfar on you year round: a T-shirt, leggings, and undies all made of stretchy denim-printed blend.

Telfar apparel has always epitomized the New York brand’s ethos — fun, genderless, maybe a bit wacky — so it’s fitting that Telfar and UGG aren’t actually dropping jeans despite their collaboration’s denim theme.

Anyways, if you want Telfar denim, it’s already readily available.

Telfar most recently restocked its signature monogram-printed bags, the latest in a long line of revisions for its signature product.

As Telfar’s bags continue to take over the world, the label has continued to tempt and treat fans to experimental new projects and old favorites alike. The new UGG collaboration is indicative of that, both reviving an old favorite and remixing it to create something fresh.

Nothing stays the same for too long in Telfar World, even when it does.

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