Ed Sheeran Recorded A Live Version Of His ‘Autumn Variations’ Album By Surprising Fans At Their Homes

Ed Sheeran is dropping his new album, Autumn Variations, later this month. While he’s already been promoting it in some unique ways, including working at a Starbucks, it seems he had more tricks up his sleeve.

In a new Instagram post, Sheeran revealed that he’s recorded a live version of the album — with surprise performances in different fans’ living rooms. The video finds Sheeran at one fan’s house, where she had a piano. Because of this, he treated her to a special take of an older song, too.

“We got to @kariconaway’s house at the end of the day, and I instantly knew it was gonna be a fun one,” Sheeran captioned. “They had cats, friendship bracelets and some fruit drinks to start, but once I’d played the Autumn song I said take me on a tour, and when I went into her room I saw a piano.”

“She asked if I could play and I said ‘not really but I kinda play on wake me up’, so here I am playing ‘Wake Me Up,’ for all the Plus fans out there,” he added.

The fan posted one of Sheeran’s TikToks to her Instagram page, too. In the video, he can be seen entering with a guitar, pouring drinks, checking out her CD collection, and more.

Check out the video of Sheeran performing in a fan’s house below.

Autumn Variations is out 9/29 via Gingerbread Man/Atlantic Records. Find more information here.

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