EXCLUSIVE: Rimowa Found Its Tiffany Gem

For the first time, Rimowa is linking with the Tiffany & Co. for collaborative, sparkly travel gear. Alexa, play Rihanna’s “Diamonds” to set the mood.

See, Tiffany and Rimowa’s pieces — specifically the Cabin suitcase and jewelry case — come dressed in a gleaming “Rock Cut” pattern resembling diamond facets. It references Tiffany’s iconic rock cut design, as showcased in its cherished glassware.

There’s even a “T” inscription in the collab’s print, kind of like a subtle shoutout to Tiffany’s renowned craftsmanship.

The dancing diamonds naturally top Rimowa’s unmistakable aluminum grooves, as seen on its beloved suitcases. The pair quite literally made the Tiffany diamond of Rimowa luggage.

What’s a Tiffany collab without some Tiffany Blue? Even its stealthy Nikes weren’t safe from a dose.

The trademark hue is simultaneously subtle and abundant for the Rimowa and Tiffany collab. Walk with us.

For instance, the Tiffany x Rimowa suitcase gets quiet tastes of the robin’s-egg blue via its leather trims. The same goes for the jewelry case — but just for the exterior, though.

Upon opening the jewelry case, however, you’re met with a complete dousing of the instantly-recognizable shade, which decorates the smooth-looking lining from top to bottom.

Rimowa x Tiffany also offers a personal jewelry case — a condensed jewelry holder crafted from Rimowa’s traditional polycarbonate — which sees Tiffany Blue take over the rippled exterior and its suede interior. Is there even such a thing as too much Tiffany Blue?

Rimowa x Tiffany branding marks the spot in a bold black shade on the collaborative Jewelry Personal, while two Tiffany Blue two leather straps encloses cherished accessories — Tiffany style.

Slated to launch on September 26, the Rimowa x Tiffany collection will be available at Rimowa’s website and select physical stores as well as Tiffany’s website and the Tiffany Landmark in NYC.

Rimowa knows how to keep luggage exciting, that’s for sure. We’ve witnessed the brand explore trippy desert landscapes with Palace and issue a bike case with Nigel Sylvester. And must we forget the insane wine case? It’s only fitting to fill it with wine bottles all the way to the top, of course.

Now, Rimowa’s got Tiffany luggage, ready to flexed through airports globally.

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